Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Making snakes so much fun!

So today i was only in for 3 horse because i had to leave early. From 8:30 to 9 i was with kids from the age 8-10. They are so noisy, loud, messy, and just dont listen! After them the little kids came in which are behaved better than the older ones! I did art with them for a while, we made snakes from paper plates, stickers and all the rest! For circle time i read them all a story and that one kid always saying i cant see the pictures! so i sat him beside me to keep him quite! You need so much patience with kids and control your anger so you dont snap at them!

kids have you so tired!

For the second day in kiddies choice i was with a different age group for the morning around the ages 3-5. The kids got used to me at this stage. They are fond of  using you as a tree! Just swing out of you and run around you and stick stickers or what ever else they can find on you! For a while i was helping a kid that couldnt speak english well with some jigsaws and teaching him some basic words while to girls were hanging out of me! In the afternoon I was reading a story to one child that seemed to attract every other kid in the room! Then after finishing one story every kid hands you a book to read, so i was there for about an hour ready stories. That one kid that asks why after every sentence you say aswell! Was unbelievably tired and there was still  couple of hours to go! Just playing games with them and helping them with whatever they were doing! Realising that kids climb on everything, doesnt seem dangerous to them at all!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kids, kids everywhere!!!

So the second placement of work experience started and im going to kiddies choice creche. Bit nervous going in but got the jist of things. In the morning i was with primary school kids but then they went to school and kids around the age of 4 came in. All i had to do was play games with them help them with jigsaws and anything kids want to do! Great fun but tiring, always running around after them. Also a lot of cleaning up to and a lot of patience needed! Me and Sara had to supervise the kids when they were playing in the yard which involved pushing them on the swing pick them up when they fall and play with them! So much effort needed! Especially when one kids keeps running into walls and poles! The end of the day i was with kids when they finished school. They are so loud and dont listen at all! Finally got them quiet and doing their homework. Great fun though!

Friday, November 29, 2013

NOOOO Last day :(

Well it was the last day of work experience, didn't want it to end :( Still got some jobs to do. Since it was the day of the parent teacher meetings i had a lot to do! I stuck up their owl drawings and pictures on a very high beam! Which i nearly fell of the chair so many times! I had to fix the letters so they would be straight and again put their art work into their art folders which i made! :') For their Christmas play they went to the other junior infants class and practiced their singing and dancing. And i got the job of cutting out their stars that were covered in glitter! therefore i got covered in glitter!! Was a great last day gonna miss them :')

Seventh day stuff!

Seventh day of work experience was great. :) Got some jobs to do like label their all their work books, that's over like 60 books! haha Had to take some girls and go over how to write certain letters. One girl keeps thinking that she has to teach me! Took a while to explain to her that its the other way around! Usual jobs included putting their work into folders writing dates and titles on their work. Was a good day :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So much on the sixth day!

Sixth day of work experience was grand :) Got to put together their first writing books. Had to file all their drawings, pictures and what else. Also had to teach a girl some letters went fairly well! Don't think she'll forget how to draw a 'S' anyways! For P.E they danced to music from all over the world but had to make up the dance by them selves! Great/funny to watch. Then i went around helping them with their writing. The played many games like word tennis i laughed a lot at that! A girl kept shouting out elephant when they were on colours! Anyways.. great day :)

Book fair madness and sticky fingers on the fifth day!

Fifth day of work experience was great! Today was the book fair where each class get to spend some time reading and buying books. I was asked by some girls to read them a few stories, that went on for a while! Some of the usual jobs i got were sticking their work into their scrapbooks, went through so much glue! After lunch when i walked into one of the girls jumped up and said yay rowen's back! haha Then her and anther girl start swinging out of me like a tree, ah it was great fun! Interesting to see what will happen next week...