Wednesday, January 22, 2014

kids have you so tired!

For the second day in kiddies choice i was with a different age group for the morning around the ages 3-5. The kids got used to me at this stage. They are fond of  using you as a tree! Just swing out of you and run around you and stick stickers or what ever else they can find on you! For a while i was helping a kid that couldnt speak english well with some jigsaws and teaching him some basic words while to girls were hanging out of me! In the afternoon I was reading a story to one child that seemed to attract every other kid in the room! Then after finishing one story every kid hands you a book to read, so i was there for about an hour ready stories. That one kid that asks why after every sentence you say aswell! Was unbelievably tired and there was still  couple of hours to go! Just playing games with them and helping them with whatever they were doing! Realising that kids climb on everything, doesnt seem dangerous to them at all!

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