Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kids, kids everywhere!!!

So the second placement of work experience started and im going to kiddies choice creche. Bit nervous going in but got the jist of things. In the morning i was with primary school kids but then they went to school and kids around the age of 4 came in. All i had to do was play games with them help them with jigsaws and anything kids want to do! Great fun but tiring, always running around after them. Also a lot of cleaning up to and a lot of patience needed! Me and Sara had to supervise the kids when they were playing in the yard which involved pushing them on the swing pick them up when they fall and play with them! So much effort needed! Especially when one kids keeps running into walls and poles! The end of the day i was with kids when they finished school. They are so loud and dont listen at all! Finally got them quiet and doing their homework. Great fun though!

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